As a Regnum Golf and Country Club member you will be able to benefit from members rates for all 10% discount at our Pro-Shop. In addition to that you will receive members guest rates as well to golf in Bodrum.

Membership Rates

Individual Membership (1 Year):
€ 3,000 (without Buggy)
Individual Membership (1 Year):
€ 3,750 (with Buggy)
Family Membership (1 Year):
€ 4,500 (without Buggy)
Family Membership (1 Year):
€ 5,250 (with Buggy)

All prices inc. V.A.T.


If you are living in or around Bodrum Penninsula Regnum Golf and Country Club Bodrum offers you a special “Regnum Bodrum Golfers Card” status. This card offers you special benefits and discounted green fee rates.

Benefits of Being a Regnum Bodrum Golfers Card Holder

  • 10% Discount on Green fee Rack rates
  • 10% Discount on Pro-Shop Purchases


50 Min. Golf Lesson €50
3*50 Min. Golf Lesson €130
6*50 Min. Golf Lesson €250
10*50 Min. Golf Lessons €400
3 days 3*50 Min. Golf Lessons €350
Group for 2 persons (100 min.) Golf Lesson €150
9 Holes Course Lesson €100