Back to nature: Regnum Golf & Country Club Bodrum

The new organic golf oasis on the Turkish peninsula Bodrum

The first active 18-hole natural golf course on the peninsula, Bodrum, with an integrated approach: From the construction to the services the Regnum Golf & Country Club Bodrum is all geared up for its environment and thus a new model project for Turkey. In the tranquil county of Çamlik, not far from the most beautiful bays of the region, a whole valley is being developed on an area of 1.450 hectare to an important ecosystem, without disturbing the natural shape of the landscape. The golf club was prominently opened in June 2018. Exquisite natural stone villas, a large organic vegetable garden, numerous sporting opportunities and many more amenities are being built in four stages. The first two stages have been finished and life in Regnum Golf and Country Club has already started. This location is definitely a live changing place. From extra-virgin olive oil to natural herbs and organic honey everything is produced here. The Regnum Golf & Country Club, part of the Regnum Group in Belek, is only 30 kilometres away from Bodrum airport, 17 kilometres from Bodrum city and 6 kilometres from the Güvercinlik bay.

Bodrum Stock of the olive grove

The stock of the olive grove was enhanced to 20.000 trees and the original terrain has been preserved. Solely due to the fact, to create a place, that recalls the “old” Bodrum, “the paradise of the eternal blue” as Homer called it – free of concrete and chemicals, quiet and natural in the midst of dark green and sky blue.


275 luxurious villas in the typical beige natural stone of the region called “Çilek taşi”– dating back over a thousand years of culture – are being built in four stages in years. Diverse blue, beige and brown tones blend with the precious wood and iron design in the interior of the twin and single villas. The villas have a living area of 200 to 300 square meters, a terrace, a private garden on 300 to 1.300 square meters, a pool and a parking lot.

While the twin villas have three bed rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, storage room, a cozy and large living room, the single villas are equipped with five bedrooms.

The infrastructure is built on geo and aerothermal energy, solar power, automatic watering and disinfection systems. From the villa a natural path leads directly into the organic vegetable garden. The in-house gardeners cultivate the most delicious vegetables and fruits free of chemical additives for the self-supply of the villa residents. The natural taste of tomatoes and green pepper, of peppermint, thyme and dill; also the organic honey, which is being extracted from the well-wooded environment of the area will linger on the tongue very long. More about villas sales...

Natural Storan Villa


Bodrum Organic Wellnes

The integrated approach of the Regnum Golf & Country Club Bodrum is complemented by a large activity and sports portfolio next to golf.

Recreational activities such as tennis, swimming, basketball, fitness, sauna, archery (in planning stage), horse riding (in planning stage), and more make the location unique. After the hard work-out, guests and householders can find their well-deserved tranquility in a wide range of amenities. The area offers also a different range of activities like trecking, mountain bikining, wine tasting, dancing schools, festivals and workshops.

The Club House is designed for the comfort of the guests, overlooking the golf course with food and beverage services. The Restaurant and Café/Bar offers a great variety of local and international dishes and beverages. The lounge with fireplace is a great area of relaxation while drinking your wine, whisky or cognac…


The Regnum Golf & Country Club Bodrum is located in the idyllic area of Çamlik amidst a village. Whether in the shades of the pine trees under sweet birdsongs or at the beach of one of the most beautiful bays of the region, which is only six kilometers away – at Güvercinlik – here life is simply different. The Regnum beach which is privately designed for guests and householders offers also a great experience on the blue clear water of the Aegean sea. For culture and shopping fans the old city and harbor of Bodrum is only 17 kilometers away. Further attractive beach regions such as Torba or Göltürkbükü in the north of the peninsula are very close by.

The Regnum Golf & Country Club Bodrum is part of the Regnum Hospitality and Golf group together with two Golf Courses Carya Golf Club and National Golf Club located on the Mediterranean coast in Belek – Antalya. There is also another Golf course in planning which will be the first course in Ankara as well.

Come and experience the unique location of Bodrum with Regnum style service and quality!